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Funeral Vehicles

XT6 Victoria

Next to your funeral home, it says more about your professional standards than anything else you own. For 80 years the S&S Victoria has been the standard by which other cars are measured; the original Landaulet. The new S&S Victoria is obviously a car in its own sphere of dominance. With the majestic Victoria, S&S craftsmen have captured the spirit of sleek elegance, and at the same time, have incorporated all the dignity, luxury and individuality so essential to the exacting funeral director.

XT6 Park Hill

Tastefully styled with classic lines that underscore your stature as a funeral service professional, the Park Hill by S&S is a splendid example of a traditional style deliberately tuned to the contemporary and created for funeral directors who prefer the limousine type of funeral car. The S&S Park Hill is crafted for those discriminating funeral directors who prefer the most exclusive motor equipment. With its sweeping, modern lines, the Park Hill stands alone as a fresh approach to classic design

XT6 Masterpiece

Indisputably, the world’s finest professional car. In every profession there are those who rise above the rest; who strive for perfection in every detail of their service; for whom second best is never good enough. For individuals of this high caliber, “Commercial Styled” Masterpiece by Sayers & Scovill eloquently proclaims professional and community leadership.

XT5 Medalist

Deliberately designed to be luxurious, yet unpretentious, and in keeping with the integrity of your profession, the all-new Medalist by S&S is a most affordable professional car. With its classic styling, remarkable coachwork and dignified lines, this exquisite vehicle has all the quality, engineering, and craftsmanship expected of an S&S. And, like all S&S professional vehicles, the Medalist will retain its value and appeal long after the price has been forgotten.

XT6 Presidential Limousine

The all-new Cadillac XT6 Presidential Limousine features unsurpassed head room, hip room, and leg room for all passengers.  The Presidential also includes an industry exclusive trunk for distinctive styling and maximum functionality.  Designed and sculpted by the industry’s most skilled limousine craftsmen, the Cadillac XT6 Presidential Limousine matches the S&S Cadillac XT6 Masterpiece and Victoria flawlessly.